Office Cleaning

CleanupOz provides cleaning and support services to different types of commercial properties across Sydney. Our office cleaning is tailored according to each client’s requirements. We provide daily cleaning services such as:

Living Room

  • Computers & Monitor’s cleaning.
  • Empty waste bins.
  • Dust / damp wipe furniture, window ledges, paintworks & pictures frames.
  • Damp / wipe finger marks, spillage and windowsills.
  • Vacuum clean all carpet areas including under desks / chairs.
  • Vacuum all soft furnishings.
  • Cleaning / polishing of any brass / chrome surfaces.

Kitchen Area

  • Clean Hobs / Handles.
  • Wipe outside & inside cupboards.
  • Clean inside microwave.
  • Clean out fridges.
  • Wipe outside & inside of ovens.
  • Clean sinks and washup plates.
  • Wipe washing machine / tumble dryer.

Toilet Area

  • Damp wipe hard surfaces.
  • Sanitise basins.
  • Replenish toilet rolls, hand soap, and hand towels when necessary.
  • Damp wipe partition in rotation.
  • Damp wipe tiles.
  • Sweep / mop floor.
  • Empty waste bins.